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    dotMod dotLeaf Heating Chamber – Alternative


    dotMod dotLeaf Heating Chamber dotMod dotLeaf Heating Chamber is designed to be used in conjunction with the dotMod dotLeaf. Featuring a ultem outer shell for heat dissipation and a ceramic internals. This is perfect for those looking to easily clean out their heating chamber and packing in some more herbs. Overall with the dotLeaf’s easy…

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    Smok Alternative Series Micare Cartridge Device – Alternative


    Smok Alternative Series Micare Cartridge Device Smok Micare Cartridge Device features pre-heat control, 700mAh battery and a adjustable voltage. The device is designed for users that enjoy distillate cartridges. This compact and portable device features voltage based output and can be changed by a single tactile button. With an added vibrating system users can easily…

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    SMOK Micare Replacement Cartridge – Alternative


    SMOK Micare Replacement Cartridge The SMOK Micare Replacement Cartridge is for the compact SMOK Micare Alternative Vaporizer. These replacement cartridges have a maximum 1ml capacity and a threaded magnetic base, for simple plug-and-play use. There are two variants to choose from; first off is the T1 which is a 1.4 ohm Ceramic Coil. Secondly, is…