Coastal Clouds Tropical Lemonade Ejuice


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Coastal Clouds Tropical Lemonade Ejuice, which was Oceanside Papaya Punch Ejuice, will leave your mouth watering with this rejuvenating taste of the tropics. With an alluring blend of freshly pressed papaya, juicy mango, and pungent lemon-lime for a sweet, zesty treat, this satisfying e-liquid will bring your taste buds on an exotic adventure. Brand: Coastal Clouds / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Coastal Clouds Tropical Lemonade Ejuice Description Get ready to discover one of the purest lemonades your taste buds have ever tasted, thanks to this delicious infusion of fruits from Coastal Clouds! We start off with cold and sweet spring water, freshly drawn and deliciously refreshing. We add in several fruits that are freshly picked and dripping with ripe fruit flavor. Smooth and sweet papaya is sliced into thick wedges, that distinct orange hue ready and waiting to delight your taste buds. Next, we have ripe mango. These soft and tropical fruits are peeled and carved into thick chunks. Each mango chunk is glistening with fresh mango juice and you can almost feel that delicious sweetness on your tongue. These two fruits are dumped into the pitcher of spring water and left to slowly seep their flavor into the water. Lastly, we add a touch of citrus to the mix. Fat yellow lemons and firm key limes are firmly rolled to release their zesty flavor. These lemons and limes are juiced until every last drop is wrung from their rinds. The lemon and lime juice is slowly poured into the pitcher to complete this luscious lemonade. A few cups of sugar are slowly poured in for the perfect touch of sweetness. Finally, this tropical lemonade is complete, ready to refresh your parched taste buds at a moment’s notice! Enjoy this refreshingly tropical beverage in e-liquid form, thanks to Tropical Lemonade by Coastal Clouds!


Coastal Clouds