Kilo Revival NTN Brazzberry Lemonade Ejuice


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Kilo eLiquids Revival NTN Brazzleberry Lemonade eJuice is a playful fusion of ripe mixed berry, sugared blue raspberry, and freshly squeezed lemonade flavors. Treat your taste buds to this delightfully fruity flavor with non-tobacco nicotine in every puff, on sale now at eJuice Deals! Brand: Kilo eLiquids / Bottle Size: 100ml / Flavor Type: Fruit Kilo eLiquids Revival NTN Brazzleberry Lemonade eJuice Description Kilo eLiquids Revival NTN Brazzleberry Lemonade eJuice delivers the juicy taste of sweet berries and refreshing lemonade in every puff, swirled together with non-tobacco nicotine for a satisfying cloud of flavor all day long. Non-tobacco nicotine eliminates the harsh throat hit and overpowering flavor associated with traditional nicotine, offering a smoother and stronger fruity taste in every puff. We headed off to the lemon groves of the Everglades, intent on harvesting as many of the tart citrus as we could carry. We wrung the firm lemons into a large pitcher, filling the bottom portion with tart lemon juice. Next, we added in several cups of cold spring water to balance out the sharp tang of the citrus. We tossed in heaping handfuls of ripe mixed berries to add a splash of color to the lemonade. Sweet raspberries, sultry blackberries, plump blueberries, and summer strawberries were added until the lemonade was nearly ready to be enjoyed! Yet something was missing, something to add the perfect blend of sugary sweetness. Instead of adding pure cane sugar, we decided to add in several handfuls of sugared blue raspberries! The sweetness of the blue raspberries, the tartness of the lemonade, and the fruity goodness of the mixed berries ensures you’ll enjoy a flavorful fruit cloud with every puff of Kilo eLiquids Revival NTN Brazzleberry Lemonade eJuice. Stock up today on these 100mL bottles at eJuice Deals and select from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg non-tobacco nicotine strength!


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